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How I can get more information of one picture?

Click on the picture to be redirected to the post in the blog’s autor.

How can I suggest a blog or post?

Click the "Submit" button to access to the form where you can suggest a blog or a specific post.

Can anyone suggest blogs or posts?

Yes, we are a visual collection of posts and blogs open to everyone, and anyone can suggest new content, beeing or not the author.

Which are the rules of publication?

1. You should always suggest the original source or post with the explicit permission from the original author.
2. All suggestions will be moderated by an automatic system.
3. Photos are automatically scaled and cropped to 250 px by 250 px.
4. Any post that is violating the copyright will be automatically deleted.
5. We reserve the right to remove any post.

How long a suggestion takes to be published?

The waiting time to review your suggestions depends on the amount of pending reviews that are at that time.

You will be notified by email if your suggestion has been approved and it is posted on our website.

My suggestions do not appear on the Web. Why?

In an effort to select the most attractive posts and blogs and appropriate to the site, which will inspire our readers, we publish only the content that we consider is most amazing and beautiful for them.

How I can advertise on your website?

Contact us for more information.